Book Fair starting Tuesday at 12:20pm

We are excited to be having a book fair this week. Students will be able to look at the books during their library times and purchase books before school at 8:30am, during inside lunch time 12:20-12:45pm and/or after school until 3:15pm from Tuesday, November 22nd until Friday, Nov. 25th at 12:00.

Parents and students may purchase books during the early dismissal time and on Friday’s conference day.

Open House

We are delighted to be hosting an Open House at school on

Monday 3rd October from 6pm until 7:30pm.
This is a chance for you to visit your children’s classrooms and meet their teachers.

From 7 to  7:30 we are also inviting you to learn about our school plan for the year. It is important for us that you know what we are focussing on.

It will be posted in the gym and we are hoping that you will share your responses and suggestions with us.

Come and join us for a great evening!