Congratulations to Alwin Holland students from City Workers!

The city was thrilled with our four primary classes that helped to plant the beautiful flower pots around town. Thank you to Mrs. Hollman/Mrs.Logeman, Mrs. Andersen, Mrs. Snow, and Mrs. Barber’s classes for representing Alwin Holland so well!

Lisa said, “The grades 1 and 2’s were great listeners, the grade 3’s were so well behaved and knowledgeable. Our staff loved working with them, and really liked what they created in the flower pots!

We have also been receiving compliments from all the employees in the building and Mayor/members of Council who have seen their creations.”







Perfect day for Track and Field

The students enjoyed an exciting day of track and field events and perfect weather. Thank you to Mr. Mackay, Ms. MacDonald, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Logeman, and Mrs. Snow for helping setup and to run a great event. As well, Mrs. Haynes, Mrs. Filewich, and Mrs. Barber for helping to train the participants before the event.





Speech Winners off to District Competition

All of the participants in our school speech contest did an excellent job informing and entertaining the audience. Three young ladies will be representing us at the District Speech contest on Friday, May 20th, Sarah Bianchi with her speech about “A Woman’s Education”, Avalin Alexander speaking about “Tourettes Syndrome”, and Josie Lawlor speaking about “Battery Hens”. Good luck girls!

Speech Winners 2016