Perfect day for Track and Field

The students enjoyed an exciting day of track and field events and perfect weather. Thank you to Mr. Mackay, Ms. MacDonald, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Logeman, and Mrs. Snow for helping setup and to run a great event. As well, Mrs. Haynes, Mrs. Filewich, and Mrs. Barber for helping to train the participants before the event.





Alwin Holland Boys Win Basketball Tournament!

It was a hard fought victory as Mr. Mackay’s boys lost their first game and dropped into the ‘B’ side. They went on to win the next 6 consecutive games and defeated Christian Life in the final.
Well done boys!

Alwin Holland’s other grade 5/6 team also played well and lost a nail biter in their third match of the tournament. Both teams represented Alwin Holland well with their sportsmanship and teamwork!