Year Round Gardening!

Ms. Hedges’ grade 2/3 class at Alwin Holland has a garden tower. They are growing lettuce, chard, zucchini, lavender, mint and nasturtiums. Each week the students enjoy a salad from the produce that they have grown.

First 3D Prints

Mrs. Petuh’s students designed a 3D vehicle to extract minerals from the ground.  Below are our first prints on the new printer.  I want to thank the PAC for supporting this project.  Our bigger 3D printer is currently being shipped.  I am looking forward to printing more student designs.

Basketball Practice Times

The following are the basketball practice times until the league starts during the third week of January:

Boys 4/5: Wednesdays After School
Girls 4/5: Wednesday/Thursday Mornings – 8 am
Boys 5/6: Thursdays After School
Girls 5/6: Tuesdays After School