Paper Airplane Toss for K and Primary, Thursday, April 13th

We will be having a paper airplane toss at recess and lunch on Thursday, April 13th for any primary students interested in joining in.

Rules: Planes are to be paper only with no staples, tape, or any other assisting device. You may decorate your plane to make it unique to you.
The cost is $1 per plane and you may throw a maximum of 5 planes. The goal is to get the plane close to a target. You are allowed to make a plane with a buddy class or get assistance from parents or other adults.

This will be a fundraiser for the grade 6 farewell event. Practice making your plane this weekend 🙂

Cabin Fever Day, Thursday, March 9th

We are looking forward to our cabin fever day on Thursday, especially with the number of inside days we have had lately. Please make sure that all permission slips have been handed in so that appropriate plans can be made. We will make a decision regarding the ski trip on Wednesday and will send home new permission slips if needed.

If your child does not bring in a permission slip or bring the appropriate materials (ex. skates) they will be staying at the school and participating in one of the two events here.